Tuesday, December 2, 2008

130,000 Inflatable Boobs Lost At Sea

I always thought that pirates were only interested in booty, but it looks like some are breast men.

As I was typing the title of this post I wondered, "Were they really distributing just one boob per subscriber or were these 130,000 pairs of boobs (i.e., 260,000 boobs)?"

The article seems to indicate that we're only dealing with 130,000 single boobs. Of course, it may be that there were 65,000 boob pairs and the reporter did the multiplication necessary to get the 130,000 figure.

I just find the idea of a single, disembodied boob a lot more disturbing than the idea of a conjoined pair of disembodied boobs.

I was imagining the huge shipping crate containing all these inflated boobs, but then I realized that the boobs were probably shipped in a deflated state. That makes this whole story much less exciting.

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