Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Walnut Hill To Hold Program By Christian Evangelist for All 7th & 8th Graders

Yesterday I posted about explicitly Christian proselytizing being done by the principal at Walnut Hill Elementary/Middle School in Shreveport. Later in the day, in response to a complaint, the ACLU of Louisiana sent an open letter to the Caddo Parish Superintendent of Schools regarding those Establishment Clause violations at Walnut Hill.

This morning someone sent me a scan of the announcements distributed yesterday to Walnut Hill faculty:

The relevant part is that announcement at the bottom:
Apparently, Walnut Hill will be having a mandatory assembly for all 7th and 8th graders tomorrow morning during school hours. The assembly is being sponsored by a church and will feature a Christian evangelist/rapper. I suppose it's possible that Curvine Brewington will keep his message secular since he's performing at a public school. However, given what we have already seen from this school, I have my doubts.

UPDATE (4/2/15): I don't know how Curvine's presentation at Walnut Hill went yesterday. If anybody has a video, please post it.

According to Curvine's instagram on Wednesday he also "crashed lunch at 2 public schools." Apparently, those schools were Byrd and Southwood.

In the video on Curvine's instagram post, you can hear a bit of his lunchtime freestyling, which includes lyrics such as "Yeah, these guys, they love the Lord. I'm riding with them."

(I wonder if Greydon Square would be allowed to crash lunch at these schools and freestyle with the kids.)

Here's how Curvine's "homie" Zac Rowe instagrammed it:

"All in your schools with it! Lol Curvine will be throwing a concert for 1NE Student Ministry tonight! @ 6pm see you there !!"

Zac Rowe is a children's pastor at Word of God Ministries, the church that sponsored Curvine's visit to Walnut Hill.

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